Punch C-90 – CBD
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90mg pure CBD, 0% THC

  • Milk Chocolate*
  • Dark Chocolate*
  • Mint Dark Chocolate* New Flavor
  • Blackberry Dark Chocolate* New Flavor
  • Toffee Milk Chocolate New Flavor


What is CBD? Where Does CBD Come From?

Cannabidiol, CBD, is a compound found in both hemp

and cannabis that has significant medical benefits

Unlike THC, CBD is  non psychoactive, meaning it

doesn’t get you “high.”


Why Hemp? Why Crystalline?

Hemp is the true way to ensure zero THC residuals

99.9% Crystalline Isolate ensures PURE CBD with no residuals

    – Heavy Metal Free

    – Pesticide Free

    – Solvent Free

39 calories, 4g sugar per serving, Net Wt 22g

Peak Effect: 60-90 mins

* Gluten Free